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2017 capital request

The University maintains a list of capital investment projects approved by the Board of Regents requesting funding from the state legislature. These building and infrastructure projects align with the strategic goals of the University to recruit and retain the best and brightest students, to recruit and support innovative and world class faculty and staff, and to inspire innovation, exploration and discovery, all while being responsible stewards of resources.

Below are seven proposed projects approved by the Board of Regents.


Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement

$100 million in state funding

Maximize the effectiveness and life of the University of Minnesota's 29 million square feet of infrastructure. The University allocates HEAPR funding systemwide in four categories: (1) health, safety, and accessibility; (2) building systems; (3) utility infrastructure; and (4) energy efficiency.


Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building.

Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building

$28.3 million in state funding

Construct a 58,000-square-foot building with flexible wet and dry labs to support all STEM programs on the University's Duluth campus. The existing chemistry building serves over 5,500 students, but is almost 70 years old and not designed for chemistry programs.


Health Sciences Education Facility.

Health Sciences Education Facility

$69.3 million in state funding

Create a facility at the University’s Academic Health Center to support interdisciplinary team-based learning and care. With 70 percent of Minnesota’s health professionals educated at the AHC, this facility will advance integrated health care across our state.


Plant Growth Research Greenhouse.

Plant Growth Research Facility

$4.6 million in state funding

Build an energy efficient facility to protect the University's rare-plants collection and provide hands-on learning opportunities for Minnesota's future plant geneticists, growers, and agriculture and environmental scientists.


Academic and Student Experience Investments.

Academic and Student Experience Investments

$16 million in state funding

Convert obsolete spaces on the Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Twin Cities campuses into modern spaces to meet today's programming needs and provide new learning opportunities across Minnesota.


Pillsbury Hall Renovation.

Pillsbury Hall Renovation

$22.9 million in state funding

Renovate obsolete science facilities with modern teaching, learning, and research spaces to serve over 6,000 students studying humanities programs. Pillsbury Hall is one of the Twin Cities campus's oldest and most iconic buildings.


Collections and Contemporary Learning.

Design: Collections and Contemporary Learning

$4 million in state funding

Relocate library collections to create new learning and research spaces. These spaces will be equipped with digital media and tools to strengthen teaching and community engagement.



Project Name
Project Total
HEAPR $100.0 $100.0
Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science $42.4 $14.1 $28.3
Health Sciences Education Facility $104.0 $34.7 $69.3
Plant Growth Research Facility $6.9 $2.3 $4.6
Academic and Student Experience Investments $24.0 $8.0 $16.0
Pillsbury Hall Renovation $34.3 $11.4 $22.9
Design: Collections and Contemporary Learning $6.0 $2.0 $4.0
TOTAL $317.6 $72.5 $245.1

Projects are listed in priority order. Dollar amounts are in millions and rounded up. Columns may not tally due to rounding.